BNAR History

History represents our journey to the present.  What we have learned along the way becomes a  stepping stone to what may come and marks our progress in building a better and greater future for our Association.

1904 – our organization began as the Buffalo Real Estate Board
1907 – Written rules and regulations and uniform rates of commissions formed
1912 – became chartered with the National Association of Realtors®
1935 – became incorporated
1954 – the Multiple Listing System was introduced
1955 – used the Multiple Listing card system
1957 – became the Greater Buffalo Board of Realtors®
1974-1996 – used a Multiple Listing Book
1974-1996 – used Comparable Books
1980’s – interest rates on mortgages rose to 19% and adjustable rate mortgages were introduced
1982 – computerized the Multiple Listing System
1989 – our first Agents’ Day
1990 – name changed to the Greater Buffalo Association of Realtors®
1994 – Multiple Listing Service Sold
1995 – WNY Real Estate Information Services LLC formed
2000 – name changed to the Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors®
2002 – electronic proxy voting established
2004 – BNAR celebrates their 100th anniversary
2009 – acquired the Niagara Frontier Association of REALTORS®
2011 – acquired the Genesee Valley Board of REALTORS®


Here is our list of award winners in pdf documents:

REALTOR® of the Year, REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® of the Year and our Buffalo Award Winners

Here is a list of our REALTOR® Emeriti in a .pdf document.


Here is a list of award winners in .pdf documents from the Genesee Valley Board of REALTORS®.

REALTOR® of the Year,  REALTOR-ASSOCIATES® of the Year.

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