The Key Communicator – an important link between your Association and You

Each month your Key Communicator receives an email publication announcing BNAR News, Events and Education to aid you in your personal and professional development and other items that could affect your real estate business.  

You should know them because they do presentations at your office meetings, distribute information from BNAR into your newsletters, through email, bulletin board etc.   Take a moment to recognize your Key Communicator.

Below are pdf’s that you can use to print and post in your office or email to your agents.

BNAR Membership Brochure

2FindYourHome New Features

YPN Chapter Member Application

Education Foundation

Economic Conditions

NYSAR Community Service

NYSAR Housing Opportunities Foundation

BNAR/Genesee Valley Golf Sponsorship Form

BNAR/Genesee Valley Golf Registration Form

BNAR New Member Benefit AAA

BNAR Key Dates for 2015

REALTOR Action Center Mobile App Information

Thank you Key Communicators for a job well done.

Questions, comments suggestions, etc. can be addressed to Debbie Norman

Key Communicator

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