22 Part Video Series to Share with Brokers and Agents

Predators vs. Thieves - https://vimeo.com/204553397

Timeline of a crime - https://vimeo.com/204552689

Social Media - https://vimeo.com/204555975

Why to meet for coffee - https://vimeo.com/204555736

Preparing the home - https://vimeo.com/204555368

Authoritative image vs Vulnerable image - https://vimeo.com/204552205

Marketing Language - https://vimeo.com/204551871

Information to avoid in marketing - https://vimeo.com/204551461

Using Active Listening to identify red flags - https://vimeo.com/204549819

Using Property Information to Deter a Predator - https://vimeo.com/204551130

Setting the meet time to establish dominance - https://vimeo.com/204549538

The Training Play - https://vimeo.com/204550359

When to ALWAYS take someone with you - https://vimeo.com/204550486

Blocking your presentation - https://vimeo.com/204949536

Take the High Ground - https://vimeo.com/204549240

Opening a lockbox and front door - https://vimeo.com/204548334

The “No Influence” Sales Strategy - https://vimeo.com/204548806

Navigating Stairs - https://vimeo.com/204547530

Where not to go - https://vimeo.com/204554876

Outbuildings - https://vimeo.com/204549039

Common Attack Patterns - https://vimeo.com/204547933

Reading the Prospect - https://vimeo.com/204547045

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