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Access to the MLS Data Co-op™ eliminates the MLS island effect by easily connecting brokers and agents to other MLS's across the country. You can quickly access agent-to-agent data not available on public-facing websites from MLS's located in different regions of the country. Simplified MLS access makes it easy for agents and brokers to market properties across the nation and enables them to help your clients find properties to buy in distant locations, whether they’re relocating, retiring, or searching for vacation or investment properties.

Please Read the details in this PDF for Data CoOp!

We are pleased to announce the release of Data Co-op Version 2.1 is out!


The new features and items include:

1.     Allowing multiple selections on the Points of Interest (POI) dropdown.

2.     The POI selections and icons recalculate as you move the map.

3.     Improved printing on the following reports:

a.      Price and Days on Market Analysis

b.      Agent Information page

c.       Tax Details

4.     The look of Suggested Property display has been rearranged (aligned and justified) on the Consumer view 

5.     The following changes have been made for the IPad:

a.      Allows for ‘Finger’ scrolling.

b.      The Consolidated Report page now allows complete scrolling to allow users to see the bottom half of the report.

c.       The Edit Comparables page now gives users access to the entire list of comparable properties.

d.      Improved the iPad closing and opening of the search criteria panel; this includes the ability for users to ‘swipe’ to close the panel.

6.     The Property Listing History Gadget now displays rental history prices.

7.     The Listing Detail Report now includes the listing’s primary photo.

8.     As many historical photos as are available have been added (and as more become available, they will be added)

9.     An historical price trend is now included.

10.An optional Nearby Distressed Property Report (where available) is included in the Consolidated Report

11.The Confidential Remarks section of the Listing Detail report is not included when the Listing Detail report is emailed out

12.Added the total Unique Visitor Counts for the current and previous month in the Administrative control panel.  This is on the Top Users tab.

13.Eliminated the truncation of the public remarks section of reports when they are printed.

14.Removed the forced page break before the comments section when printing the Tax Record to eliminate wasted paper.

15.Corrected the issue for users with names that have embedded single quotes (i.e. O’Kelly)

16.Converted all UPPER CASE ADDRESSES to Mixed Case Addresses on reports for easier reading and to save space.

17.We have enhanced the look and feel of the Consolidated Report.

18.Eliminated tiles from wrapping on the Consolidated Report.


User Tips

1.      The “Courtesy of” message is an enhancement from our previous release.

To modify your message to include the information you would like displayed at the bottom of your listing reports, please following this example.  


Listing courtesy of {AgentName}, {OfficeName}

Information deemed reliable but not guaranteed.


To make this change, access the Data Co-op as an administrator and go to the MLS Information tab.

In the Copyright/Disclaimer section enter the information you want to include on your listing report in the above format.


2.      If you have not yet entered notification email address(es) and other contact information into your administrative control panel, you can do so on the MLS Information tab.

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