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Transaction Desk

  It’s all new platform that keeps all the best features of the old system in a new, more mobile friendly look and feel.

The new system is also streamlined so it’s both easier to use and more powerful. Here are a few key highlights:

• The new TransactionDesk is dashboard based, so you can get more information and quicker access to things you need with fewer clicks.

• See recently created transactions, forms and signings right on your home page. Access them with one click.

• You can customize the dashboard so it works best for you. 

• More mobile device and touch friendly. Easier to use on the go.

• Better organization for documents using subfolders. Drag and drop upload of files from your computer.  

• All new transaction checklists to keep you organized.

• More powerful brokerage tools for company document and file management.

On the 26th, you’ll see more information when you login and you’ll be able to choose whether or not you want to use the system. We’ll also be adding links in the old system so you can check out the new system any time you want.

Contacts, Legal Name and Preferred Signatures Click Here! 

Full Details and videos click here!

Please visit Here for Authentisign2Go

Frequently Asked Questions

Instanet Forms can be found under External Links on the Matrix.

Instanet link on ML

What to do if you cannot get to Instanet from Portal or if you want to run Instanet on your iPad/iPhone/Droid?

The direct login is

If you have never used the backdoor for this, you will then have to click on the link below the login "FORGOT PASSWORD" to have them send you a link to create a new password. After that you can login and use the system normally.

The login information for the Instanet system is not the same as their MLS login information. However, you can set their passwords to be the same, manually.

Q. Which Forms and Contracts Vendor do we use at the BNAR? 

A. The Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS® uses Instanet Solutions for Contracts and forms used in the sale of a home. Their product is called Transaction Desk, and includes the BNAR Contract of Sale, important forms, and the DocBox. 

Q. How do I access these Forms and Contracts and the DocBox?  

A. In order to access Instanet Forms,  you must be a subscriber to the Matrix (MLS) system.  All MLS subscribers have access to Instanet Forms from the home page of the Matrix system as well as the Portal. 

Q. How can I get training on Instanet Forms and the DocBox?

A. For training on Instanet Forms, please note that the company, Instanet Solutions, offers free Webinar Training sessions, which are listed on the home page of Instanet Forms.  There is a schedule there for you to pick from.  Many classes are offered each month, or every few weeks. 

Q. If I have a technical problem with Instanet Forms or the DocBox, who can I call for help?

A. Please call the Instanet Solutions Help Desk at 1-800-668-8768. You can also call Peter at the BNAR to find out if there is a temporary problem that has been reported to the BNAR staff. Also, we will post any scheduled outages, or identified errors on the Matrix News & Alerts. 

Q. What is the DocBox all about? I keep hearing about it, but don't understand the purpose of it.

A. The DocBox  is your total on-line Document Management system offering Unlimited Toll free faxing, Document Mark-Up Technology and document Sharing technologies. Check out your new Member Benefit today and remember, all these features are yours at NO additional cost! It is a free service with payment of your membership dues. 

FYI:  Instanet Forms are NOT part of the Matrix system for the purposes of support. Please do not call Matrix support numbers for assistance with Instanet Forms. Consider calling the BNAR or the toll free number listed here. 

Use this number to get assistance from the Instanet Help Desk Instanet 800 number: 1-800-668-8768. or use their Chat line to communicate with their help desk staff. They are open 24/7/365!

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