Your Kurio Mobile MLS Service has some great new features!  Please note the following enhancements.

Click here to go directly to Kurio!

REGIONS! New to the Kurio System is now possible to start in a region that you are in. This will help you narrow the search area and speed up the process. Click here to see the new Regions defined. Here are more reasons to check out Kurio!!

1) New Login Page – The login page is now more simplified and streamlined, making it more clear where agents should log in to take advantage of special agent-only functionality and data such as showing instructions.

2) More Listing Data – Having access to as much listing data as possible from your mobile device is important.  That’s why we’ve added more information to the Listing Details view and Property Flyers, so you and your clients can get the information you need about a property.

3) Contacts – Take advantage of this new feature to download your client list from your MLS into Kurio.  This will enable you to quickly connect with your clients by phone and email, from the convenience of your tablet or smartphone.  You’ll also be able to select email addresses from your contacts list when sending a Property Flyer or an Invitation to use Kurio.

To download your contacts simply log in to Kurio, go to the LISTS menu, My Contacts.  Select “Sync Now”.  You can also sync your contacts from the MORE menu, Sync My Contacts.

To view contact information, select the contact record to see the phone number, email address and comments.  Click on the links to initiate a phone call or email to your client right from within the Kurio app.

If you want to add a client to your list of contacts, or modify any contact information, you’ll need to do this in MLXchange.  Be sure to periodically re-download your contacts in Kurio so they’re up-to-date and in ‘sync’ with MLXchange.

Save time and keystrokes when sending Property Flyers and Invitations to your clients by either manually ENTERING their name and email in the “Send To” fields or automatically FINDING their contact info from your contact list.  All you need to do is start typing their first name or last name and the predictive search feature will automatically present matches as you start typing letters.  Select a client and the “Send To” name and email fields will be automatically populated.

TIP:  If you want fast, easy access to your client list, select Contacts as a Home Page Display Preference.  If Contacts is the only option selected as a Display Preference, you’ll immediately see a list of your Contacts as soon as you log into Kurio!  If multiple options are selected for your Home Page Display Preference, then you’ll see multiple shortcut links on the Home Page including a link to your Contacts list.

4) Website URL – Customize your contact information and branding even further by entering your website URL under the MORE menu, “My Profile”.  This will ensure your website is promoted on any Property Flyers you send to your clients.

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