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What is Matrix?

Matrix™ from CoreLogic® is a modern HTML-based MLS system that places equal emphasis on performance and functionality.  With blazing fast search results, Matrix saves time and makes you more efficient.   Best of all, Matrix works with virtually all computer operating systems, web browsers, and mobile devices, so you are free to work where and how you want.

Here are just a few of the innovative features that Matrix offers:

  • The Speed Bar lets you perform “Google-style” searches for any kind of record (listing, tax, agent, etc.) from a single, persistent field at the top of the screen.
  • Search History automatically saves your most recent searches and keeps them in a handy list at the top of each page.  Finding and re-running a previous search is as simple as a single click.
  • The Listing Concierge lets you review auto-prospecting listings before they are emailed to your client, fostering greater interest and satisfaction.
  • Starting from any type of search, the Stats Generator can be used to instantly create a graphical statistical report for a specific market area, time frame, listing status, etc
  • The Hit Counter tracks activity on your MLS web portal—including the number of times a listing has been categorized as a Favorite, Possibility, or Discard—giving you the power to accurately gauge interest in specific properties.

What to Expect:

April 4thMatrix Goes Live! - The “Matrix” button will become available on the Portal Dashboard.

April 4th – 10th - Get to know the system!  Review the screens, play around with searches and if time permits, watch the "Welcome to Matrix" and “New User Setup” videos. Also review the "Matrix FAQ's Sheet",  "Transition to Matrix Part 1" and  "Quick Start Guide."

April 11thTraining classes begin (See Matrix Training Schedule).  Training will be Lecture Style. To register, login to the Portal and choose BNAR Member Services. Once you have completed training, begin using the system, if you have not already done so. 

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