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Help for the MLS System - here are some quick resources to assist you in making the change to the new version.

To Access the MLXchange -

Terms of Service for the SSO (Single Sign On) Portal can be found here.

The MLXchange System was specifically designed for Internet Explorer versions 8.0 or greater. MLS Fusion was designed to run on all Browsers, including Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firfox and Opera. For GoNYSMLS only iOS (Apple) and Android devices are supported, Blackberry and Windows Phone's are not supported. 

Be sure to turn off any POP UP Blockers and if you are having trouble with any errors you can Reset your Internet Explorer. Don't know how to do it? Go here for help. This is to Microsoft's Support page on resetting the browser which usually fixes almost all issues with connecting to the MLS site.

For the Apple iPad or the Android Tablets you will need to use the GoNYSMLS product from the Apple App Store or the Android Play Store. You can also use VM Fusion or Apple Boot Camp to run Windows on your MAC.

Android users click here to Download GoNYSMLS

Apple iOS device users click here to download GoNYSMLS

Mike and Bill are the local Marketlinx representatives who offer classes, phone support and office training visits. They can be contacted at 716-835-9191

Other MLS Topics:

MLXchange Forms - Will be found using Instanet Forms.

Open Houses - You can advertise your open houses on the website through the web-based MLXchange system. 

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