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The newest feature called Realist Document Slicer which allows you to take certain pages of a document and make a new one.
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Realist Mobile

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What's Improved?

Realist now makes searching for property and ownership information more streamlined and intuitive. It searches the way you want it to. With an emphasis on property-centric data, advanced mapping capabilities, market trends, custom configuration, and professional reports - it provides all of the information you need to stay ahead of the competition.

New features include:

  • Tax and MLS data that is now integrated to provide a holistic view of an entire market or area. This property-centric approach allows users to analyze a neighborhood from all angles.
  • Market and trend data offer insight into an area's recent sales, foreclosure and home value activity at the neighborhood and zip code level
  • Dynamic mapping capabilities simultaneously display listing, foreclosure, sales, boundary and property information
  • Professional reports provide deeper insight into a property and its local area with detailed graphs, charts, photos and maps

Flood Zone Map Code from FEMA

Here are some documents to aid you during the transition:

Quick Start Navigation Guide

Comparison Chart (Realist Classic to Realist)

Trouble Shooting Guide

Installing Flash Instruction Guide

Technical support is available from the BNAR by calling 716-636-9000.

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