Important - As of October 2019, we are replacing the ActiveKey with the new XpressKEY. Come to the BNAR Office to upgrade to the new XpressKEY or the eKEY for your smartphone.

To Find out which one will work for you Click the Link Below.


Supra Information

BE AWARE - When purchasing a Supra Keybox from other real estate agents make sure you purchase it from only our Board members. And make sure to fill out the transfer form below. Any questions, call our Board office!

Here is a current list of supported smartphones to use the SUPRA E-Key App.

Do not purchase supra keyboxes from outside our association, they are not coded for our system, will not be warrantied and may not be the correct box!  NOTE: The Supra Keyboxes in our association are leased, they are not to be sold outside of our board.  You are allowed to transfer them to another association member (form needed.) They must be returned to the BNAR if you are no longer participating in the program.

Want to use SupraWeb? Click Here to read the Guide for Agents

How to Open a BTle Keybox with a Smartphone – For those subscribers who have an e-key and do not have any keyboxes, here are the instructions for opening the new boxes:

BTle keybox user guide

Billing – the BNAR is taking over the billing for Supra and a new contract and billing form needs to be executed by all subscribers. 

Keybox Transfer Form –If an agent permanently “gives” a keybox to another agent, be sure to complete the Keybox Transfer form,  Note: This form needs to be signed by the broker/office manager and returned to the BNAR (fax 716-636-9121).

All Supra equipment is leased!  Agents leaving the business or turning in their XpressKEY or e-Key must return all equipment, including keyboxes on file, to the BNAR in order to discontinue billing.

Keybox Access Times – 7:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m Standard Time.(8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., Daylight Savings Time)

Assign your Keyboxes to your Listings - It is easy!  Just go to Matrix put in the MLS number and select “Supra Keybox” from the top of the detail screen and then “Assign keybox.”  This is also an easy way to access a keybox showing report.

Learn more at and don’t forget to login to “Supra Web” to manage your boxes.

Need to Cancel or Change your SUPRA Service, click the forms below!

Change Service Form

Cancel Service Form

To login to SUPRAWEB Click Here!

New Subscribers – As a new subscriber to the Supra Program you will be required to complete a contract & billing information form and bring them with you to the BNAR to pick up your XpressKEY.  If you are subscribing to an eKEY (an app on your smartphone, iPad or Tablet) you can fax the completed forms to Jordan Mackey at 716-636-9121 or email them to her at Then call her at the BNAR to obtain the Authorization code.

There will be an Activation Fee of $50.00 which will need to be paid at time of activation, along with the current monthly fee.  The new month begins on the 7th of each month.

The recurring monthly fee, which includes sales tax, will be charged to your credit/debit on a monthly basis as follows:

eKEY(SmartPhone App) -  $18.43

XpressKEY w/out Insurance - $23.87(Replacement cost without insurance $270.79, including tax)

XpressKEY with insurance - $26.05 

Your account will be charged/ debited on the 7th of the month or on the next business day if the 7th falls on a week-end or Holiday.

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