Message from the President

by Dawn Brown

Welcome to 2017 and Happy New Year to all. 

I hope this New Year brings you and your families much health, happiness, peace and prosperity.

Thank you for allowing me to be the President of our wonderful association; I have been involved with the BNAR for many years and am excited to work with all of you in the coming year.  

My theme this year is participate, communicate and cooperate and let’s work better together. 

Our role is information managers and disseminators. That is the key factor in progressing our organization.  Bear in mind that while methods may change or become outdated, our duty remains the same.  We will do our best as a team, utilizing the expertise of the new set of officers and with the support of our Board of Directors and our members to meet our objectives to set goals and help to guide us into the future. 

With that as our guide, and with your confidence, I appeal to all of you to help me achieve these goals. Your support for all the Association’s endeavors and activities will be your best contribution in making us the best Association.  We have an advantage of meeting our competitors; through events, committee work and at meetings.  By cooperating and working together that also makes us all succeed and makes our clients respect our industry.

My charity this year is Kids Escaping Drugs, along with Child and Family Services. I am sure you are all aware our community is in an epidemic state of addictions and deaths due to drugs and so many of us have been struck, either, personally or someone you know that has been hit.  We must educate ourselves on how to prevent this disease and asking you to support our community any way you can.  

As your president, I am available from dusk to dawn, 24/7/365 so please feel free to email me.

Agency/New Requirement for License Renewal - The new requirement is at least one hour of law of agency. However, if a salesperson is within their first license renewal term, they must complete two hours of agency. This change does not apply to those licensees who are exempt from continuing education requirement.  BNAR is offering Law of Agency classes in January so you can fulfill this requirement.

Participate in Calls to Action – Text REALTORS to 30644 and sign up for the Calls to Action.  You will receive important messages about Calls to Action a few times a year letting you know that it is time to take action on an important real estate issues and to help protect and promote  our industry.  More than 700,000 members from across the country have already signed up for the mobile alerts, why not you?

RPAC Dollars are working for You?  The return on RPAC investments means savings for REALTORS and consumers. Did you know that $13,698 per REALTOR in additional income was generated through the homebuyer tax credit?  That is just one of our returns on RPAC investments.  Continue to invest in your business.  Give your Fair Share of $25.00.

New York State Real Estate Education Foundation Scholarships 

Any individual who has at least one year experience in real estate sales, are licensed and actively practicing in New York State and who hold primary REALTOR membership in New York State is eligible to receive a scholarship to one of the NAR Designation/Certification course.  Application must be completed and postmarked by December 31, 2016.  Here is the link to the list of scholarships, rules and application.

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