Message from the President

by Rebecca Van Dorn

A Happy Halloween to You and Your Home

It's that time of year again.  A time for ghosts, goblins, jack-o-lanterns, haunted houses...and vandalism. Even though you may not celebrate Halloween, there still is  vandalism.  For many communities, unfortunately, Halloween is more of a time for tricks on home and property than for treats. 

As a property owner you can take steps to help keep your home safe from mischievous pranksters.  Here are some tips for keeping your home and property.

Before the "bewitching hour" approaches, cut your lawn and trim your hedges, particularly those that may obscure your view of the property from inside the house.  A well-cared for home will discourage would-be vandals; an ill-kept home is an invitation to trouble.

Keep your yard and porch free of such items as lawn mowers, hoses, outdoor furniture, barbecue grills and other items that might be tempting to vandals.  Removing these items from the path of trick-or-treaters also ensures that youngsters will not be hurt by tripping over an object they did not see in the dark or because they were wearing a costume mask.   Also, put your garbage cans away or out of sight.

Park your car in a garage, if possible.  If not, make sure the car is locked and parked in a well-lighted area.  Do not leave packages or other valuables on the seats in plain sight of passers-by.   Also lock tool sheds and other outdoor storage facilities.

Illuminate your property with whatever outdoor lighting you have - - porch or patio lights, garage lights and lawn lights.  Leave lights on inside your home as well.  Ask your neighbors to do the same for their property.  Pranksters cruising an area in a car are more likely to avoid a neighborhood that is well-lit.  Check city street lights several weeks before Halloween and report any lights that need replacing.

Plan to be home on Halloween, if possible.  If you must be away, ask a friend to "house-sit."  If you are planning to offer treats to costumed children, use common sense when opening your door. Do not invite trick-or-treaters into your home unless you recognize them as neighborhood children.

Support community-sponsored approved trick-or-treat times during daylight or dusk hours and ask concerned adults in the area to accompany children on their treks.  The presence of responsible adults will minimize harmful pranks.

Determine if there are Halloween parties being planned for neighborhood youth by area churches, schools or civic groups.  Volunteer to help promote and supervise these programs.  A well-planned and fun activity will leave less time for random vandalism.

Finally, if you don't have a neighborhood watch program in place, now is an ideal time to organize one.  Contact your local police department for information.

If in the unfortunate event your home is vandalized, report it immediately to the police.  Unreported crime, quite simply, eliminates any chance of the vandals being caught and retribution being made.

As your president, I am available, 24/7/365 so please feel free to email me.

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Congratulations to our newly elected BNAR Directors
Welcome aboard – elected by the voting members of BNAR were Lori Adams, Annabelle Aquilina, Suzanne Chaskes and Michele Gwizdowski at our Annual Meeting and Director Election Event on September 12 at Salvatore’s Italian Gardens.  Each will serve a three-year term on the Board of Directors starting in 2019. 

Meatball Competition
The first annual BNAR Meatball Competition, a fundraiser for RPAC, was held on Thursday, September 20 at Artisan Kitchen & Baths.  Thank you all who attended to sample all of the delicious meatballs and sauce that were in the competition.   Three non-partisan judges made the ultimate determination based on taste and presentation.  Each of our contestant’s meatballs were first class, but the winners were Louis Vinci, Best in Show and Best Sauce and Marie Ryer, Best Meatball and Best Presentation.  Congrats!  

BNAR Accepting Nomination Forms for REALTOR and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE of the Year
Is it you or someone in your office who devotes their time to the real estate industry, their association and in their community?   I am sure they are many of you that qualify.  Here is the link to the REALTOR of the Year and REALTOR-ASSOCIATE of the Year Nomination form.  Deadline to submit your form is November 30, 2018.

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