• Message from the President

by Christie Rothschild

Hello Members,

What is the purpose of life . . . a question that has been discussed over centuries by many philosophers.

The conclusive answer always is the same . . . to be useful and make a difference in the world you live in.

My year as president has been productive and extremely fulfilling.

The accomplishments have been many; however, a president can never take the credit. All the credit belongs to our Realtor Members for their outstanding contributions and service on numerous committees.  These committees have been spearheaded by members who served in the position of Chair and Co-Chair for our committees.

Realtors are at their best in giving back to their community.  Realtors step up as volunteers serving many charities such as Salvation Army, Western New York Heroes, Food Pantry of Western New York and St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy.

One benefit of serving as president of Buffalo Niagara Association of Realtors is witnessing the work of REALTORS across New York State and our Realtor Members right here in Western New York.

Realtors have a major impact on our economy with real estate spending accounting for nearly 20% of the GDP.

Through our work in home ownership, the middle class is strengthened and a strong middle class lends stability to our society.

Moving forward into 2015, I want to congratulate all our Realtor Members for their dedication and commitment to their industry and community. I am grateful to our executive leadership team and the entire BNAR staff for their continuous support for all my initiatives as President.

At this blessed and most holy time of the year, I encourage all Realtors to continue walking the path that will make us more professional and better neighbors.

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

It has been an honor and privilege to be your President.  I will always have great memories of 2014.


Christie L. Rothschild

Helping the needy is in our Realtor's DNA.
Help us, help the Salvation Army reach their goal by Donating to our Red Kettle! Click Here to donate!

New York State Real Estate Education Foundation Scholarships

Any individual who has been actively involved in real estate sales and/or related disciplines and licensed in New York for at least one year is eligible to apply for one of the National Association designation program scholarships.  Applications must be completed and postmarked by December 31, 2014.  Click here for a copy of the rules and application or detailed information.

New Sprinkler System Law

Effective December 3, 2014 in New York State, a law has passed requiring landlords to include a disclosure in a rental lease about the sprinkler system status of an apartment.  This covers not only landlords of large apartment type buildings, but landlords of one and two family rental property as well. The law is relevant for leases, sub-leases, renewal contracts and renewal leases.

Requirement:  In bold typeface, the landlord is to include language that states whether there is or is not a sprinkler system installed at the time of the lease signing.

At this time, there is no requirement that a sprinkler system be installed if there isn't already one in place, and there is no penalty in place for landlord non-compliancy with the new rule (yet). However, going forward, all new leases should include language that covers the sprinkler system status.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the BNAR at 716-636-9000.

BNAR Committees Forming for 2015
Do you want to be involved in the decisions that affect your business and livelihood or would like to participate in planning activities?  Then join a BNAR committee. Select the area where you have interest in participation.  Here is a link to the signup sheet.  Each committee/task force/project has a planned set of objectives to work toward with a beginning and end date.  Here is a link to our 2014 Committee Leadership team should you have any questions regarding any of the committees.   

Do you want to join the Young Professionals Network?  Here is the link to sign up for the YPN

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