Technology Support

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The BNAR offers you technical support on the following products:

  • MLS System is provided to BNAR and REIS Members. Click the link below for support information. Use the 1-888-825-5472 Answer Link number when the BNAR is closed, or you can reach Mike Connors or Bill Roesser at 716-835-9191.
    • Instanet Forms - Forms and Contracts used digitally, online. Instanet Help Desk - The help desk phone number is 1-800-668-8768.

    • Access Instanet directly on the Internet using this link.   If you have not set-up your password (Settings, My Preferences, Password Management), just select the “forgot Password” link and one will be sent to you.

    • Realist Tax Link program that shows deed and property details for all properties on the tax rolls - Contact BNAR for help or training. This product IS NOT supported by Market Linx staff.  
    • ActiveKEYS and Electronic Lock Boxes are for sale at the BNAR office. All payments are made payable to the BNAR. The Supra help desk for Agents is 1-877-699-6787.

    Each of the products that BNAR or REIS offers to members are supported by the National Company or by the BNAR directly. Call us at 716-636-9000 or see each link for specific phone numbers for those companies. Feel free to email us from the home page with any questions or concerns you might have.

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