NAR Lawsuit Update

July 1, 2024

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June 10, 2024

New Guidance for Written Buyer Agreements
The National Association of REALTORS® has developed a new guide on written buyer agreements. Starting August 17, a buyer representative working with a buyer will be required to enter into a written agreement with the buyer prior to touring a home, including both in-person and live virtual tours. The guide for developing these agreements is available at and a PDF version can be downloaded by clicking here.

To view a question and answer video series about the NAR settlement and new practice changes and MLS rules, click here!


June 1, 2024

Windows of the Law - the latest on the NAR lawsuits
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May 9, 2024

Title: What Does NAR’s Settlement Mean for Your Business?

Description: Real estate professionals have always had to demonstrate tangible value to the buyers and sellers they serve. Now that’s doubly important. NAR’s proposed settlement agreement is prompting changes in the real estate industry, but you have all the tools and expertise necessary to navigate those changes smoothly and confidently. Host Marki Lemons Ryhal speaks with four pros, both agents and brokers, about how they’re preparing for the practice changes that are coming.


Title: A New Opportunity to Provide Value to Buyers

Description: The forthcoming rule mandating the use of written representation agreements and other practice changes that are part of NAR’s proposed settlement agreement allows you to emphasize and communicate your value to clients. Host Marki Lemons Ryhal discusses with two practitioners how to maximize these opportunities with buyers.


Title: Refocus on Using Your Voice for Your Clients, Industry

Description: Amidst a tumultuous period in the real estate industry, NAR’s massive advocacy machine has never stopped working for you. Over the last year, REALTORS® secured a reduction in FHA mortgage insurance premiums, got the FHFA to rescind proposed hikes on upfront mortgage fees and protected real estate pros’ status as independent contractors. Host Marki Lemons Ryhal talks with two members steeped in advocacy about the true value of being a REALTOR®.



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An overview of the scope of the release for NAR members


NAR has reached a tentative settlement regarding the lawsuits, visit for additional details.  - March 15