BNAR Key Communicator Kick Off

January 30, 2023

Thank you for attending the Key Communicator/Office Manager Kick Off on February 15th.  The program was valuable and the lunch was yummy.

Those in attendance were handed out a folder of handouts  --  our Strategic Plan, Instructors Photos, Upcoming Courses, Contact Information of our Leaders and Staff, BNAR Benefits, 2FindYourHome materials, RPAC, BNAR, NYSAR and NAR Awards and Fair Housing.  Most of the materials can be found on the Key Communicator page at

At the event, all took an oath to share information in their offices to the best of their ability.

Our speakers for the event was our 2023 BNAR President, Chairs, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs and staff members Annette Fachko and John Leonardi to give all an update on the BNAR and MLS. 

Our Key Communicators and Officers were thanked for their "Involve-mint" and "Commit-mint"  and received a box of Junior Mints as their favor.

Thank you all for your participation in this event !